Aches and Gains Radio Show with Dr. Paul Christo

Discussing comprehensive pain relief and support for those in pain and their caregivers.

Christo-radio-show-logo-with-RPain has reached epidemic proportions in America. Almost a third of the population - 100 million people suffer from uncontrolled pain. The problem is real and can critically impact quality of life.

Hosted by leading pain management specialist Dr. Paul Christo, Aches and Gains® is the first national radio talk show to shine a much needed spotlight on chronic pain and those who suffer from this often debilitating medical condition. Celebrity guests share their personal experience conquering pain with Dr. Christo, helping others see that a fuller life is possible with the right combination of treatment, medication and perseverance.

sirius-detailsThese public figures put a well-known face on the highly stigmatized legion of chronic pain sufferers who feel ignored despite their unbearable discomfort. Those who experience unrelenting pain often feel their family and even health practitioners dismiss their concerns, maybe even telling them “it’s all in your head.” However, there is hope, and there are treatments that can ease pain and suffering. Actors, athletes and media personalities, such as Naomi Judd, Joe MontanaMontel Williams, and Jennifer Grey bring their own stories of success to the Aches and Gains radio show and make us realize that nobody is immune to pain, but anybody can overcome it.

Dr. Christo’s extensive research on chronic pain diagnosis and treatment, combined with his Harvard and Johns Hopkins specialized training, provides a scientific base for the Aches and Gains radio show made even more valuable by the show’s frequent contributing health experts who share cutting-edge treatments, holistic practices and pain coping strategies for treating different types of health conditions, pain syndromes and other chronic aches, such as rheumatoid arthritis, sciatic nerve pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, migraines, lower back pain, fibromyalgia and many more legitimate medical issues that cause physical and emotional suffering.

Aches and Gains™ airs every Saturday on Sirius XM’s Family
Talk 131
, 5-6 pm EST. Recorded podcasts of past episodes can be found below in the radio show archives.

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