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Aches and Gains

Christo-radio-show-logo-with-RPain has reached epidemic proportions in America. Almost a third of the population - 100 million people suffer from uncontrolled pain. The problem is real and can critically impact quality of life.

Aches and Gains is the first, national talk show on overcoming pain. Each episode provides compelling stories of people who have found relief, and shares cutting-edge treatments & pain coping strategies from contributing experts.However, there is hope, and there are treatments that can ease pain and suffering.


Celebrities with pain, including Naomi JuddMontel Williams, and Jennifer Grey bring their own stories of success to the show & make us realize that nobody is immune to pain, but anybody can overcome it.

Aches and Gains™ airs every Saturday on Sirius XM’s Family
Talk 131
, 5-6 pm EST. Podcasts of past episodes can be found below.


Stomach/Internal Pain


Pain Pumps

Regenerative Biomedicine for Pain

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